About Us

Rima Arora – Founder, Dil Se Dance

"Rima Arora, Founder - Dil Se DanceShe is Founder of Dil Se Dance, a dance instructor, choreographer, Zumba and Bollywood dance fitness instructor. Rima discovered her passion for dance at a young age and quickly realized that it would be a high part of her life. She grew up dancing in various school and college dance competitions, stage shows, community cultural events. She founded this team in Austin, Texas, believing to dance through heart. Later, she formed another group in Miami, Florida. The special connection she shares with her students enables her to challenge, motivate and inspire them individually and as a class. Her Bollywood dance obsession is remarkable Being Zumba licensed instructor, she believes in healthy lifestyle and fitness. She has been exposed to various international dance styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton and Hip- Hop.




”Dil Se Dance” means dance through your heart…

We are proud to showcase the Indian culture and vibrant colors through Bollywood dance style. Dil Se Dance was founded on the principal of community awareness of Indian Bollywood dance style and its roots. There is something so liberating about using your body movements with best facial expression from your heart. There is no better dance partner than your own “SPIRIT”. Give yourself a chance to communicate with your body and soul through dance.  Put on your dancing shoes to join our team and enjoy unlimited FUN!!!


We believe in sharing the gift of dance. Dance brings back many cherishable memories of our childhood and we solely believe to inspire, educate and entertain from our heart.


We value the creative spirit in every person and highly aim to reach out to every single heart, people and audience with human connection and to communicate between body and soul to channel the power of creative reflection of thoughts and action through dance.


We don’t call our members as students. We consider them as family so we acknowledge each of them as team member, they all come from all various walk of life and different backgrounds showing their togetherness and passion for dance.

We believe in team spirit. Coming together is a beginning, staying together becomes an achievement which results to DilSe’s success.